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A new type of Political Prediction Market
Every now and then there comes a new take on Prediction Markets. The Truth Market sets a challenge out to us all to demand the truth. Whether it be a political statement, scientific "fact",...

Launch of the successor to the UBC Election Stock Market
Professor Werner Antweiler of the University of British Columbia presides over the newly opened Saunder School of Business Prediction Markets. The aims of the market are to predict political events,...

No Intrade-ing for the US
I don`t really understand this. Intrade is now off limits to US Citizens because they are not allowed to vote on the outcome of an election. Why not? I realise that this contravenes some state laws,...

The New York Times`Nate Silver
Time for another look at the best of the current Election Prediction Markets. Nate Silver from the New York Times has an interesting analysis.

US Electoral Map using Intrade Data
It´s always interesting to see a Prediction Market at work. Here we have the pictorial view of the Intrade data on the predicted outcome of the 2012 Presidential Election in each state. Obama is...

Paul Hewitt talks about the SCOTUS Prediction Market Results
In the Toronto Prediction Markets Blog, Paul Hewitt takes a close look at the "Failure" of the Prediction Markets to successfully predict the outcome of US Supreme Court ruling on whether...

Donald Thompson´s book "Oracles" is published
Donald Thompson, economist and professor of marketing emeritus at the Schulich School of Business at York University in Toronto as today released a book all about the power of Prediction Markets....

A Twitter Based Prediction Market?
An interesting research paper from The University of Texas at Austin (authors Liangfei Qui, Huaxia Rui and Anderw B. Whinston) discusses how a network embedded prediction market, in this case using...

Prediction Markets used in Switzerland
Writing on the PoliSciZurich site, the founders of, Olivier Strijbis, Sveinung Arnesen, Kjetil Thuen, Kjetil Thuen, Lucas Rachow discuss the performance of their prediction market...

Let us have Political Prediction Markets in the US!
Justin Wolfers, on the Freakonomics website, brings our attention to a letter written by the North American Derivatives Exchange (NADEX) to the Commodities and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)...

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