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Business Cases

We are building industry-specific solutions, in order to address customer-specific requirements and solve them effectively. Our business cases describe how the predicat solution can be applied to a variety of problem statements:

  • The supply chain of automotive and manufacturing companies is highly diversified and the decreasing depth of in-house production brings about a series of risks. How do you maintain transparency on the final quality of products?
  • Risk management in the financial industry is increasing in complexity - especially because of the last crisis. There is however justifiable doubt if the expanding the existing models will ever encompass the real risk factors. How can you address the remaining uncertainty effectively?
  • Successfully capturing a market is nowhere as important as in the pharmaceutical and technology sector since the high R&D investments need to be recuperated within a relatively short time period. How can you receive a market assessment that is spot-on?
  • The globalisation of supply and demand markets develop an idiosyncratic dynamic which is difficult to anticipate and master with traditional planning and management methods. How can you keep pace with its volatility and speed?

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