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Platform Solution

predicat provides you access to your online community who "vote" on the possibility of a certain future event. A contributors’ correct "vote" is rewarded financially which ensures a truthful and evaluated response by the community. This scientifically proven method employed in the Predicat.Network draws on the intellectual as well as emotional investments of individuals to predict what exactly will happen at a given future time.
predicat works on many levels:

  • Working in isolation within a company, the predicat solution is a prediction tool which shows management the opinions of the entire workforce on the probability of achieving the company aims. It is also a key change management tool, a way of gaining buy in to company aims and objectives and charting the achievement of the aims with immediate feedback.
  • Working across a supply chain, the predicat model engages individuals in each company in predicting future events based on the activities within the supply chain. It can also be used to calculate cause and effect scenarios across the supply chain. 
  • Working across an industry and markets, the predicat network is a powerful analysis platform and trend predictor, showing the likelihood of future events, popular and unpopular initiatives and tracking their occurrence and effects.

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