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predicat has a number of applications. There are certain business challenges and situations that call for the use ofprediction markets. The following are the most prominent business solutions that the predicat is designed for:

Controlling the dynamics of globalisation

The companies that are still here today have probably survived a ‘financial crisis unmatched since the Great Depression’. The crisis is gone but the dynamics of global markets continues to develop. What does this mean for the company of the future? Does the management need to step up so not to miss an opportunity or get hit by the next economic turmoil? Read more on how predicat can help you survive the uncertainty of globalization.
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Angling uncertainty to mitigate business risks

The financial crisis has created a new hype towards integrated risk management – meaning to generate a series of scenarios that are maintained with a statistical certainty. The only issue is that almost all of the live changing events from the recent years had a statistically relevant likelihood. Does our risk management department need to think up more scenarios or is there another way of capturing uncertainty? Read more on how predicat is the early warning system that foresees risks as well as holds the potential to discover business opportunities within the uncertain future.
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Improving the agility of business forecasting

The necessity for effective forecasting was especially apparent during the recent crisis. However the lag between the unfolding events and their effect on a company’s bottom line was frightening. A company that thought to reach a new high in 2009 was staring at an abyss in order volume without the ability to stop the planned investments into production facilities. Was this preventable? What could you have done with an early warning just 3 or 6 months ahead of time? Read more on how predicat can enhance the accuracy and agility of your business forecasting process.
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Managing innovation for business results

Innovation is key to the growth of companies especially in technology focused sectors. Step changes in innovation need freedom and ample funding to achieve the aspired results. However to know which project to sponsor and which to cut is difficult and the bad ones more than often swallowed their investment before being stopped. Why don’t companies stop throwing good money after bad? Would it help to know the future? Read more on how predicat can help prioritise and sustain the drive for results in your innovation effort.
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Launching new products and services

The pharmaceutical companies have a very difficult task forecasting the business success for the handful of products that determine their revenue potential for the upcoming years. Specifically for this example a prediction market can scope out the uncertain market and create a highly accurate picture on the market potential of a new product in an unknown market environment. Do you think this sounds familiar to your business problem? Read more on how the predicat can help shed light on the likelihood of success and hurdles towards your product launch.
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