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Business Targets

Our team starts with understanding the ‘Burning Platform’ from the client and creates the business rationale for establishing the Predicat.Network for their organisation. We apply the most effective set of prediction targets, create a dashboard of market intelligence and help the business learn from the experience.

Your team is engaged from day one in helping us shape the scope and business case for your version of the Predicat.Network. We establish from your problem statement the potential drivers for improving your outlook and break these down into prediction targets for your business community. Our team will deliver a business case demonstrating the tangible value for your investment into the Predicat.Network including the measurement to validate the actual results with the predicitons.

During the implementation we help your management to make sense of the collected information and adopt the market iteratively to improve the return from a continued investment into the Predicat.Network. We don’t merely provide you with business intelligence but an unprecedented insight into the workings of your company.

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