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Scientific Proof

Prediction Markets have proven scientifically to be more reliable than traditional forecasting as well as modern data analysis methods using the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques (Tziralis & Tatsiopoulos, 2006).

While the prediction market’s claim to fame was manifested in the 2008 US presidential elections the techniques had been refined through scientific research to a degree that it is possible to establish a results more accurate than traditional forecasting or polling methods (Spann & Skiera, 2003) as well as understand how the information was derived that established or changed a specific prediction (Chen, Fine, & Huberman, 2004). Google, as per own claims, manages one of the largest prediction markets and has been able to understand how their employees’ social network is influencing their decision making.

Predicat.Network utilises the prediction market tools, technique and the team behind the most recent research to establish how ‘invested’ employees, partners and customers of our clients are in their success. Our solution provides real-time alert network on events that alter expectations towards reaching the targeted results as well as a growing source of intelligence on the angle and severity of the potential threats and rationale behind market opportunities.

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