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University of Texas at Austin opens Prediction Market
In a fitting tribute, the University of Texas at Austin has opened up a new Prediction Market to see when the new Computer Science block will open. Professor Peter Stone and Post Doc Tsz-Chiu Au...

Combe Incorporated takes a look at Prediction Markets for Concept Testing
Randy Berkowitz, VP of Global Market Research for Combe Incorporated presented "Tapping the Wisdom of Crowds to Predict the future - Prediction Markets for Concept Testing" at the 2010...

Twitter mood swings predict the Stock Market
Johan Bollen and colleagues at Indiana University have successfully shown that the emotions displayed on twitter can be related to the performance of the Dow Jones!Using two mood tracking tools,...

Where are Prediction Markets on the Gartner Hype Scale?
Say it isnt`t so! Gartner shows Prediction Markets languishing in their infamous "Trough of Disillusionment"Sherrilynne Starkie pulls together the headlines from Gartner´s 2010 Hype...

Intrade iPhone App Live and Free
John Delaney, CEO of Intrade today announced the launch of their iPhone App and called for Beta testers.Sounds interesting, I´m just off to take a look ...

Predicat launches the prediction market on e-mobility
Predicat launches on request of car manufacturers and utility providers the prediction market of summer 2010 on the subject of E-mobility. Experts of the industry, developers of new technologies and...

Interesting idea: Do you have to be able to admit that you are wrong to be a good trader?
Felix Salmon from Reuters comments on the forced retirement of White House Correspondent Helen Thomas and how it is unacceptable, these days, to be seen to be wrong.He discusses the idea that in...

Predicat.Net schedules Discovery Workshops for New Clients
The usage of prediction markets in Europe is fairly new however a number of clients do see a clear benefit for usign the Predicat.Network for their organisation. We have decided for new clients to...

Cause and effect in our networked society ripple across the globe
Business today is not determined by one company in one country or by one type of customer. Increasing specialisation and globalisation creates a fragile supply chain where the contribution of value...

Engaging on a human level yields more than pure intellect and data
There is a great difference between what people should do and what they are going to do. Psychology and irrational behaviour play a much larger role than rational or classical economist care to admit...

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