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Donald Thompson´s book "Oracles" is published

US, 22.05.2012

Donald Thompson, economist and professor of marketing emeritus at the Schulich School of Business at York University in Toronto as today released a book all about the power of Prediction Markets. "Oracles: How prediction markets turn employees into visionaries". In it he explains how companies use prediction markets to make better decisions and to change the culture of organizations.

Reviews include: Oracles is a fantastic blend of the visionary and the practical. Don analyzes both the transformational potential of prediction markets and the organizational complexities that make realizing this potential a challenge. A comprehensive history for anyone considering using prediction markets to change their organization.” — Leslie Fine, Chief Scientist, Crowdcast

“Thompson delivers a thorough but accessible survey of prediction markets, covering everything from their theoretical foundation to current best practices—a must-read.” — Jeff Severts, Chief Marketing and Services Officer, Best Buy Europe

Oracles provides a comprehensive look at prediction markets and explores the extraordinary results and challenges of the early adapters and their providers. If you are considering a prediction market for your company, you need to read this book.” — Linda Rebrovick, CEO, Consensus Point

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